How to Deal with the Quit Smoking Side Effects

Tobacco smoking is harmful to your health. This is a phrase that is extremely common and companies are mandated by law to include it in their tobacco cigarette packs. They are also required to say the same in all types of promotions for tobacco smoking. Almost every person in the world knows that tobacco smoking can lead to serious medical conditions and even death. To stop smoking is a tall order for many smokers because of the quit smoking side effects that they might experience. Many have tried to quit smoking but very few succeeded without help. The body shows symptoms that become so severe after quitting smoking that people are forced to get back on the smoking bandwagon to ease the suffering. There are several ways designed to help people to quit smoking but not all of them are effective enough. The quit smoking side effects can however be completely eliminated by using electronic cigarettes. This has made electronic cigarettes very popular over the past few years.
What does a person experience on attempt to quit smoking?

We all know that it is the nicotine present in tobacco that causes all the addictions. It is also the one that causes side effects when a person stops taking it. These symptoms are as a result commonly referred to as nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Several things can change how severely these effects hit a person including the person’s age, gender, medical history, and physical health. One of the surest ways to kick the side effects from the equation if you are trying to get off tobacco smoking is to substitute tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.
	•	One of the adverse quit smoking side effects is anxiety and restlessness. This usually occurs because of the body’s dependence on nicotine, which is a known relaxant. A person usually experiences calmness immediately after smoking because of the nicotine. The body eventually gets used to this and when you stop smoking, all hell breaks loose. A person experiencing severe anxiety is usually given anti-depressants. Electronic cigarettes could however do the job just fine.
	•	Another side effect of quitting smoking is craving for a smoke. Just a few hours after a person has the last cigarette, he starts to feel a serious craving for a tobacco cigarette. This craving gets more severe as time passes by. The first 24 hours to 72 hours will be the worst for a person and this period is usually enough to make people give up and go back to smoking. This craving can become so severe that it could affect someone’s job. It is clear that electronic cigarettes can and do end the cravings because they contain nicotine, which is the chemical that the body is usually craving for.
	•	A person experiencing quit smoking side effects is very irritable. The sudden absence of nicotine in the body affects a person’s psychology because the body has already gotten used to the calming effect of nicotine. Without it, a person has a very short fuse and easily gets infuriated without much provocation. Electronic cigarettes are the cure for this adverse effect since they deliver the much-needed nicotine to the person’s body.
	•	Loss of concentration is one of the symptoms that you will notice in a person who has recently stopped smoking tobacco. Just a few days after a person stops to smoke tobacco his concentration will be very much impaired. It is difficult for a person who has recently stopped smoking to follow through even with mundane tasks. This is because the chemical that this person needs stimulates the brain and keeps it alert. To avoid this symptom, a person should use electronic cigarettes which are the best nicotine replacement devices currently in the market.
	•	One of the things that smokers usually don’t know is that the nicotine present in tobacco is usually an appetite suppressant. Tobacco smokers usually don’t have much appetite most of the time. The strong odor of tobacco smoke and tar also affects their sense of taste and smell which are important for appetite generation. When a person quits smoking his respiratory system starts to clear up and he can also feel the taste of food better. The absence of nicotine also causes him to feel hunger again. This could lead to binge eating and can cause serious weight gain. The symptoms could last as much as six months after quitting smoking. To manage these quit smoking side effects a person should use electronic cigarettes.
Use of e-cigs as smoking cessation aids
The Food and Drug Administration of the US has barred companies from advertising electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation aids. This is at least until the effectiveness of the devices can be ascertained. The U.K. government allows it as long as the electronic cigarettes are approved by the government. In other places such as Australia, electronic cigarettes are banned because of the teething problems of regulating the devices. Regardless of all these, many people have successfully used e-cigs as smoking cessation aids.